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Woodland Path


Through individualized coaching, you will gain clarity and optimize alignment across your professional and personal pursuits.


In high-demand roles, it's easy to lose sight of what energizes and inspires you most. My 1:1 coaching adopts a holistic lens to help you rediscover passions, strengthen your well-being, and reconnect with a sense of purpose both on and off the job.


Using my validated EverFulfill Model, sessions provide a confidential space to comprehensively explore all domains influencing your quality of life and job satisfaction. Through discussion, assessments, and action planning, discover how to bring more rewarding experiences into each area of responsibility from work to family to community involvement.


1-on-1 Coaching
with Abby

My coaching program takes you through ten categories where you assess and recalibrate areas of your life to attain more fulfillment and help you avoid burnout. We take a deep dive into the concepts during our sessions and you are provided tools to help you continue to progress in between our meetings. Through monitoring progress, feedback sessions, and working on practical action plans, you will be able to see tangible results along the way. Everyone has a unique situation so this option allows for the most individualization, customization, and guidance.

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