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Stop Drowning in "Shoulds"

I know what it’s like to drown in "shoulds." From what I saw around me- busy seemed best! 🗓️

“How are you?”


“What do you have going on this week?”

“So busy!”

“How’s work?”


Pushing ourselves to the brink often seems like the only path as ambitious high-achievers. But eventually, feeling like you’re pulled in too many directions can leave you feeling not truly present anywhere. 🫤

I learned that making MYSELF a priority allowed my best self to emerge. I reserve space to just BE not DO. That requires saying “no” to nonessentials. 🚫

When I do that one small change - my overwhelm lifts. My energy is restored. ⚡️

The best part? I notice a difference from even one small step.

I challenge you to (lovingly) say no to an upcoming commitment that does not align with your goals or fall into your essential category. Reserve that time for yourself with no to-do list. 🧘🏼‍♀️

You’re worth it. 🤍

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