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Using Self-Care to Thrive Under Pressure

Whether it's an important work deadline, family issues, financial stresses or health concerns - we all face high-pressure times that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and depleted. As caretakers of others, it's easy for our own well-being to fall by the wayside in these cases. But practicing self-care is actually essential both before and after stressful periods to help us conquer challenges and recover from their effects.

Before Stress Strikes

In the lead up to major deadlines or difficult circumstances, be proactive about caring for yourself. Some options to try:

  • Deep breathing and meditation apps - Take 10 minutes daily to center and relax your mind. (I like Headspace, Calm, and Ten Percent Happier)

  • Stretching and gentle yoga - Loosen tight muscles that hold tension. Moving helps mind and body. (Try Find What Feels Good or Alo Moves)

  • Comfort food and staying hydrated - Feed your body healthy, satisfying foods for sustainable energy. (Try these recipes)

  • Music playlists - Curate upbeat or calming jams depending on your mood needs. (I rely on Spotify here!)

  • Quality downtime - Schedule low-key activities to recharge your social batteries. (I love losing myself in a great book or TV series - lately it's Palm Royale and First Lie Wins)

  • Rest - Prioritize sleep and avoid burning the candle at both ends if possible. This is a great time to enforce boundaries.

Being well-rested and keeping stress levels in check sets you up for success when pressure mounts. Take preventative self-care steps daily.

After the Hard Parts

Once stressful events have passed, or you've navigated difficult days, dedicated recovery and unwinding is important. These help:

  • Baths with essential oils - Soak away physical and mental fatigue. (Budget friendly option)

  • Massages - Release built up tension. (Check if you have Hand & Stone or MassageEnvy near you)

  • Journalling - Process emotions and gain clarity on paper.

  • Comfort calls - Venting to supportive friends/family can be very affirming.

  • Relaxing activities - Read, walk in nature, try a new hobby to distract an overactive mind. A quick walk outside can do wonders.

  • Sleep, fuel and stretch - Give your body the conditions to rebalance and reboot naturally.

With practice, self-care becomes second nature to effectively renew and prepare for life's ups and downs. Both are key to thriving in stressful situations.

I hope this helps! Remember my video course is now LIVE if you would like to take a deeper dive into discovering how to mitigate burnout through realistic self-care.

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