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Why Living by Your Core Values Leads to a Fulfilling Life

We all want that feeling of fulfillment, right? To really love who we are and what we do each day. Well friends, I'm here to tell you - it all comes down to understanding your core values and designing your life around them.

Your values are the true north of your compass - they guide you towards what really matters. Things like relationships, health, learning new things, service to others. The trick is getting clear on what yours are and then walking the walk!

So how do you do that? First, spend some quality 'me time' reflecting. What brings you joy and purpose? What legacy do you want? Make a list of your top 5 non-negotiables.

(Note: Revisit it yearly as you evolve.)

Next, do a cost-benefit analysis. How are you currently using your time and resources? Is it feeding your soul or leaving you unfulfilled? As you hear me say, small changes make a big impact so if you are seeing a need for some change - start small.

Now the fun part - getting creative! When thinking about career opportunities, projects or hobbies, opt for the options where you can truly live out your principles on a daily basis. This helps gives you some additional direction in the decision process.

Speaking of work, it's so important that you feel like your 9-5 is aligned with your values rather than clashing. While you shouldn't expect to have all your needs met by your job, it is important that you feel that it aligns and generally works alongside your larger goals.

In your personal life, be mindful in how you plan time for family, being in nature, volunteering in your community - whatever fuels your tank. A big part of finding this time is saying no to activities that deplete your energy instead.

With intention and small tweaks, you can design a lifestyle where you feel progressively more fulfilled. Imagine a life where your work and personal time both light you up - now THAT is the good stuff.

You've got this!

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